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resources for first-generation students and educators

According to the Center for First-Generation Student Success, students that are the first in their families to attend college ("first-gen college students") often experience significant difficulty navigating higher education compared to their counterparts. They are more likely to struggle with "Imposter Syndrome" and possess lower levels of cultural capital, which together can result in poorer mental health during college and overall lower graduation rates.  Beyond college, the next steps - preparing for and succeeding in graduate school - can feel like an insurmountable obstacle.

Addressing these obstacles can serve two important aims: (1) improving undergraduate outcomes for first-gens, and (2) increasing recruitment of first-gens into STEM fields. In spite of and as a result of their experiences, first-gens typically possess a number of qualities that are key to being a successful scientist - they are hard-working, determined, resilient, and creative. Increasing the recruitment of these students into STEM and science research should be a DEI priority. To that end, I have begun gathering resources (below) in the hopes that demystifying science, academia, grants, and application processes will contribute to this priority. If you have resources, ideas, or an application you would like shared on this page, or you would be interested in contributing as a mentor to a first-generation student virtual mentorship program, please email me.


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