Research program

My research is centered on questions related to developmental programming, life history theory, and phenotypic plasticity. I use integrative and interdisciplinary approaches to understanding how the endocrine system and the microbiome contribute to early life phenotypic variation and adaptive plasticity.



Does the early life microbiome mediate maternal effects on infant growth?


What are the relative fitness costs of environmental mismatching during development? 


Is the gut-brain axis robust to ecological changes in wild animal?


Does microbial vertical transmission drive adaptive developmental plasticity?

Join the Mammalian Microbiome Research Group

In 2020, I co-organized the mammalian microbiome research group and its first annual meeting with Drs. Alice Baniel (Arizona State University) and Amy Sweeny (University of Edinburgh). The group is aimed at fostering collaborations, networking, methods troubleshooting, and topics discussions for early career researchers (e.g. grad students, post-docs) using the microbiome as a research tool across a variety of study systems. We currently have 100+ members on our Slack workspace, and are planning our 2nd virtual meeting upcoming this Fall 2021.

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