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Biology is at the forefront of some of the most pressing scientific problems of our time, but the systematic racism and deep-rooted inequities that plague our society extend to academia broadly and biology specifically. Our field maintains a “whiteness” in which the diversity of evo bio students is non-reflective of society (99% white), and in which faculty applications are systematically de-valued when written by Black and Latinx candidates. These shortcomings stem in part from a lack of diverse representation, a failure to teach for diverse audiences, and an underappreciation of diverse students. To effectively address these systemic inequities, systemic changes need to occur. My strategy to advance justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion in bioloy is two-pronged: 1) to engage in productive and intentional mentorship, and 2) to promote accessibility of information, resources, and opportunities (see my resources page!).

mentorship (selected)

nyas logo.png

Mentor, 2020-2021

1,000 Girls 1,000 Futures

New York Academy of Sciences


Mentor, 2015-2020

Center for Inclusive Education

Stony Brook University

  • Educational Opportunity Program - Advancement on Individual Merit (EOP/AIM)

  • Community of Student Mentors

  • Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

science outreach (selected)


University of Michigan Museum of Natural History

Ann Arbor, MI

Science Communication Fellow, 2020-present


Bookworm Biology

Central Islip Public Library, Central Islip, New York

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