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Welcome! We are a group of integrative organismal biologists located in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in the College of Science at The University of Arizona.


Our research focuses on understanding how animals respond to environmental challenges, from developmental or maternal challenges experienced in early life, to broader ecological challenges related to resource availability. We are interested in both the proximate and evolutionary drivers of these responses, with a particular focus on the role that host-associated microbiomes play in mediating these patterns.

We are looking for new lab members at all levels! Please [contact Lauren] if you are interested in joining.

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Do you study how animal microbiomes shape the ecology and evolution of their hosts? Join us in the AMRG on Slack and each year for our annual meeting.

Read more about ARMG in these publications:

1. Petrullo, L., Baniel, A., Sweeney, A.R. (2021). Establishing a virtual network in mammalian microbiome research. Evolutionary Anthropology 30, 105-107.

2. Webb, S., Teullet, S., Stothart, M. Growing and maintaining a network for early career researchers through the Animal Microbiome Research Group. (2022). Evolutionary Anthropology 31, 108-111.

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